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A Fair Price

Magnum does not agree with the industry practice of penalizing customers for printing too few pages or too many pages. For customers that choose a Service Agreement you will pay a fair price for all products and services. When you go over the targeted page or toner amount, you will only pay the normal price for additional supplies needed, not a significantly inflated price like most copier companies charge. If you are tired of the pressure and fees of your current copier company, you will be pleasantly surprised with Magnum's professional and fair approach to being your print management partner. We have many references that can attest to our ability to deliver on this philosophy.

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Repair Programs

Break-Fix - Choose the Break-Fix program when your company is willing to take the risk of major costly repairs. Also, if you have devices which cost less than $300 to replace. This allows you to make a decision to repair or replace the broken device. Magnum travels to your location to repair the device. Within our service area, Magnum does not charge for the time or expenses to travel to your site. We only charge for the time we are at your location.

Labor rate: $195 per hour.

Service Agreement - Choose a service agreement if you don't want the risk of costly device repairs. Also, if you want a predictable, fixed expense that will match funds allocated in the budget. There are three different agreements.

  1. Parts and Labor (no Consumables: toner, fusers, developers, etc.)
  2. Parts, Labor, Toner and Drums (No fusers or maintenance kits)
  3. Parts, Labor and all Consumables (Toner, Developers, Drums, Fusers, etc.) Everything except paper is included.

Depot Service - For customers that need repair on inkjet or dot matrix printers, Magnum offers repair services at our facilities in South Seattle. In addition, customers who bring devices to Magnum for repair will receive a reduced labor rate.

Free Print Management Evaluation

Magnum is often called upon to provide analysis of clients' printing needs. As a trusted partner and printing expert, Magnum can provide a free analysis of your office equipment. Questions related to lease versus purchase, copier contracts, price per page versus break-fix, and matching equipment output to estimated work load can be addressed by Magnum. Call or email us for a free evaluation.

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