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Preventative Maintenance

The best way to extend the life of your printer, copier, or fax machine is to periodically conduct a thorough cleaning and inspection. Over the years, Magnum has determined that a cleaning a minimum of once a year is suitable for a machine with average usage. Higher print volume devices should be cleaned more frequently.

Cleaning the Paper Path

A thorough cleaning of the paper path ensures the best print quality possible. Paper dust, film, toner and airborne dust not only end up on the paper but also interfere with the components responsible for forming the image on the paper.

Cleaning Rollers

Without periodic cleaning a registration roller becomes embedded with paper dust and develops a hard film. When this occurs, the roller is unable to convey the paper properly, resulting in paper jams and off-centered prints. At this point the registration assembly must be replaced. With periodic cleaning, the registration roller can be kept pliable and contaminant free. This procedure frequently ensures that the registration roller will last the entire life of the printer. Dirty feed and conveyance rollers lead to jamming, multi-feeding, off-centered prints, and timing errors.

Cleaning Filters

It is critical that filters are periodically cleaned or replaced on all printers. This is especially important on color printers. Without proper airflow, a printer cannot operate within its proper temperature range. Overheating problems caused by clogged filters range from the intermittent and bothersome to constant and costly. A few problems caused by clogged filters are poor print quality, premature aging of the drum unit, fuser errors, and random error codes and messages. Overheating can also damage costly logic boards.

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