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Jan 22, 2013

2012 Governor Award Winner

For Immediate Release 

Magnum Print Solutions wins Governor’s Award for innovative workplace

Governor’s Award cites Magnum’s innovative approach to accommodate workers with disabilities and building a vibrant, productive and inclusive workforce 

Seattle,WA January 23, 2013   The Washington State Governor’s Committee on Disability Issues and Employment has selected Magnum Print Solutions to receive their 2012 award. The award recognizes organizations for their efforts to recruit, hire, and promote the employment of individuals with disabilities and barriers to employment. Seattle based manufacturer Magnum Print Solutions along with Walgreens (Kirkland), QFC (Redmond) and Safeway (Moses Lake), were selected as the 2012 private employer winners. Qualities that distinguished Magnum were their use of innovative measures to accommodate workers with disabilities; and for building a vibrant, productive and inclusive workforce.

Job Developer, Cathy Wegner, with nominating company Orion Industries, noted that “Magnum offers a work environment that provides a great deal of structure, training and opportunity to learn new skills in a conscientious manner.” Training is central to Magnum’s success, “employees are asked to perform one skill until it is fully achieved, and then additional skills are introduced.” Clear goal setting and timely feedback is also important in building competence and confidence with staff. Cathy observes that “after four weeks on the job, each new employee has a sit down to assure that all parties are happy and satisfied with the progress. The employee needs to be as satisfied as the employer for long-term employment to be successful.”

Another area where Magnum is truly innovative is in valuing each employee’s contribution and working through “human” moments. As Cathy noted, “Magnum’s approach is to discuss concerns, set clear guidelines and expectations, and engage in support to allow for achievement of expectations. Where other employers would be less tolerant, Magnum Print Solutions’ management coaches their staff to get them back on track and be productive.”

“Our company culture is about giving individuals every opportunity to succeed. Sometimes that means giving second and third chances to promising employees who are very close to putting the pieces together and becoming successful. I realize that this flies in the face of the zero patience - zero tolerance philosophy of the business culture in the United States,” said Steve Seavecki, President and CEO of Magnum Print Solutions. 

As the largest toner manufacturer in the Northwest, Magnum has spent 20 years consistently logging the time it takes an employee to remanufacture each type of 200 different toner cartridges. Defect rates for cartridges have also been tracked. Magnum uses these combined set of numbers to benchmark productivity and to determine within the first 60 days if new hires are within the normal productivity and quality metrics for the entry level skills needed for success. Magnum’s management also individualizes training, focusing training on toner cartridge types not yet meeting standards to maximize each employee’s productivity. Magnum's commitment to optimizing efficiency and addressing problem points results in consistently high quality products at affordable prices, with a defect rate 5 times lower than the industry average.



Ellen Gengler, Marketing Manager
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The Washington State Governor's Committee on Disability Issues and Employment (GCDE) is a nationally recognized leader in promoting equality, opportunity, independence, and full participation in life for persons with disabilities. The membership of the GCDE strives to promote the diversity of persons with disabilities by representing the widest possible range of constituent groups, geographical perspectives, ethnic origins and cultural heritage.

Magnum Print Solutions is a manufacturer, wholesale distributor and direct supplier of Magnum brand toner cartridges nationally and internationally. Magnum also provides onsite supplies management, office machine sales and service for businesses in the Pacific Northwest. In 2012 Magnum was named one of the top 50 Green Companies in Washington State. In 2009 and 2010, Magnum was named one of the top 100 fastest growing private companies in Washington State. In 2011, Magnum was named one of Inc Magazine’s 500/5000 fastest growing companies across the country.

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